Guido Viale (Lotta Continua) im Interview 1973 (e)

„Guido Viale, one of the founders and a national leader of Lotta Continua, was arrested on January 28, 1973 with nine other comrades and charged with attempted murder in connection with clashes the night before in the streets of Turin between revolutionaries and neo-fascists. The police fired at the militants, seriously wounding five, and arrested many others. The arrest of Viale was clearly a police frame-up and was part of a wider repressive design to strike at Lotta Continua and other revolutionary organizations. It came in fact at the end of one of the most intense weeks of workers‘ and students’ struggles, after the metal workers‘ contract negotiations had reached an impasse and a new wave of strikes and factory occupations had shaken Turin. The police intention was to curb the influence of the revolutionary movement in these struggles.“

Guido Viale ist Autor des wunderbaren Buches „Die Träume liegen wieder auf der Straße“, erschienen 1979 bei Wagenbach, antiquarisch günstig zu finden z.B. hier: